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Disney Recovery

now now, many people will say that disney have lost it all. I mean afterall what were they doing with that whole: ‘peterpan2: return to neverland’ or even ‘102 dalmations’… i mean even ‘Atlantis’! just so terrible..

However… somehow, maybe due to a new creative team, they have recently churned out a couple of really good flicks:

Emperor’s New groove!!
Road to Eldorado!
Lilo and Sticth.

i mean these may not add up to the awesomeness that was disney in its prime. with such irresitable classics as:

Jungle book!!
Little Mermaid
Lion King

seriously timeless flicks there!

But are disney ever gonna hit their stride again? or will Pixar (Monsters Inc., Ice Age) take on the dynasty which was once untouchable.

*when i was a young warthog!*


Posted by Matt @ 10:35 PM AST [Link]

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hey matt, how’s you? anyways. road to el dorado is by disney?

Posted by shasha @ 02/05/2003 05:28 AM AST

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