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this weekend was pretty dam disasterous. I went into town for the sole purpose of cashing a cheque, as my life funds are currently hitting freakishly low (£4 to be exact). scabed a ride in. go to the bank. filled out forms. found out i forgot the cheque in my room. ass.

So i have very very little money… this is not a good thing as I now have to wait til next week to buy my Anti-flag tickets. my friends band is playing next week as a supporting band for some large ass band thats touring at the moment. i need to get in.

Solution: i managed to convince my friend to put me on the guestlist, and all he wanted in return was to copy my entire CD collection and recieve some serious anal fisting… ok, maybe i lied bout the last one… but overal this suits me as i get free entrance and free drinks next week. booya!

Speaking of bands, my band is soon to be recording our first EP. should sound pretty sexual. if not, i’m bound to lie to you just to make us sound as though we know what we’re doing.

Tell someone that they smell good today.


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