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Ho, hee, haha

I won a vibrator last week. It’s pink, big and really ugly looking. It has three speeds, operated by AA batteries. I think i’ll call it Hector.

Keith Chegwin threw it at me. I dont know if any of you remember him. He was this family man kind of character on TV that used to do stuff for Comic Relief before he told the world he was an alcoholic. Anyway, i find it really creepy that a man i used to watch every morning on The Big Breakfast, was at a club, doing naughty things and saying really rude stuff! Ok, it was for entertainment, but hey thats one childhood memory gone down the drain. What’s gonna happen next? a porno cartoon of Danger Mouse?

I’ve been sick twice in two weeks. Winter is just round the corner, and my jeans are always getting soggy. Is it me that thinks water generally travels down than up? why do i walk thru a tiny puddle and later feel water creeping up my leg up to my knees? The mystery of it is diabolical.

I want cheesecake and strawberry jelly.

Posted by Angela @ 06:53 PM AST [Link]

Replies: 2 comments seems u not a good natured girl..well…i am neo..completed engineering from a good college…

nice to have u aas a friend..if u like to join ..add me in u r yahoo.

let we have fun…and i like u r pic.

Posted by neom @ 10/29/2002 04:57 PM AST

I always liked Penfold.

Posted by Edo @ 10/16/2002 10:21 AM AST

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