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I Am Batman

I was up all night writing an essay. I fell asleep just before it started to get light, and woke up at 12 this morning (does it 12 count as morning??) with four hours to the deadline. Instead of getting into a crazy panic i read a magazine and ate some chocolate eggs. Talk about motivation. Well, it’s all done ...

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Still living with the myth that all french people wear beres

Salut! I have returned from my first truly independant holiday. It was, for lack of better words… fucking awesome. I’ll make the summary as brief as possible: me and two of my friends (Ben and Adam), decided that for 10 days we should backpack our way round the south of france. These ten days were crammed with alcohol, sex (not ...

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Daily dose of fat

To start with Rod is going to England. Wish him the best of luck, hope you fit in ok there man. So now its just Dan and Edo in Brunei, whoa I hope they don’t perform sodomy with each other. Man everyone has finally left that place (Brunei), last year it seemed like none of us would leave and we ...

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