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Stuck in Brunei

I get home from the border today and my dad says ‘I cancelled your flight back on the 16th’. See I was originally due back on the 16th but I wanted to stay a little longer since my mom just came back from Japan. I was wait-listed for the 26th and 28th.

So I said ‘great, so when am I flying back?’

He says ‘I dunno…the 29th or something’.

There isn’t even a flight out on the 29th and the wait-list for the 26th and 28th is like 30 people long.

What the hell did my dad just do?

Posted by Edo @ 08:10 PM AST [Link] [6 comments]

Replies: 6 comments

Hang in there buddy, you’ll make it out, I know you will…

Posted by Erin @ 01/15/2004 12:12 PM AST

that is really really poo dude.

Posted by mike @ 01/14/2004 03:11 PM AST

That’s ok. I’ll claim them as spoils and take good care of them.

Posted by Dan @ 01/14/2004 01:29 PM AST

Matt: All my stuff is still in Perth~! I want to own more than eight t-shirts and four pairs of pants. Plus my comics and my monkey ball are in Perth too.

Posted by Edo @ 01/14/2004 11:00 AM AST

*cough* you could always get a flight to melbourne 😉

Posted by Matt @ 01/14/2004 10:52 AM AST

Lol. You could be stuck here for ages…! Ah well, you get pretty used to the boredom after a while eh.

Posted by Faten @ 01/14/2004 07:52 AM AST

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