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I Am Batman

I was up all night writing an essay. I fell asleep just before it started to get light, and woke up at 12 this morning (does it 12 count as morning??) with four hours to the deadline. Instead of getting into a crazy panic i read a magazine and ate some chocolate eggs. Talk about motivation. Well, it’s all done and handed in now. Now i can concentrate more on the D word. I’m way behind everyone else cuz i’ve been busy with stupid essays about stupid things i couldn’t care less about.

I woke up the other morning after Rob had left to film, got into the shower, glanced into the mirror and found the letters ROB written on one butt cheek and IN on the other. I’ve always been one for practical jokes, but i hate it when i’m the victim. And what’s with writing on bum cheeks? My sister used to do that to me when we were kids. She drew smiley faces on my bum and i used to go screaming to my mum and moon her to show off the evidence.

Ronan and Ismay are SUPPOSED to be here this weekend. But I haven’t heard a word from them in ages so the likelyhood of this happening looks slim. Football match later. I’ve become so tolerant of football matches now, i can actually sit through a whole game. Last time i spoke to my dad was when a football match was on (i forget what game, i tuned out) and the living room was crammed with about 10 people yelling at the telly. I answered the phone just as Rob was shouting mutherfucker at the telly. Good thing my dad doesn’t give two shits about stuff like that. He laughed. He wants to be young again. My dad’s a funny guy. When he came up for the day a couple of weeks ago, we were walking down the high street and he was telling me about my sister’s skiing trip and then right in the middle of a busy street he bends down and starts pretending to ski just to make a point to me. I don’t even get embarrassed anymore. Even when he starts skipping in public. I’ve become accustomed to the silliness.
When i’m old and have kids i’m going to be a silly parent too.

Tickets are on sale for V and Reading (i think) and Glastonbury is sold out. People are planning shit for summer. I dont think festivals are an option for me this summer, i haven’t got the moolah to buy tickets. Sniff.

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