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Daily dose of fat

To start with Rod is going to England. Wish him the best of luck, hope you fit in ok there man. So now its just Dan and Edo in Brunei, whoa I hope they don’t perform sodomy with each other.
Man everyone has finally left that place (Brunei), last year it seemed like none of us would leave and we would be there for the rest of our lives and going to UBD.

Anyways today at school, some rival high school came in and trashed our school. Then some of our jocks starting smashing up their car, it was pretty vicious.

While all this was going on I was finishing my English essay in the Library that was kinda stinky. I am going to driving school soon and will be getting my proper driving license in December.

Man Playstation games here cost like $40.00, that sucks ass man.

Some local Canadian punk bands are playing here soon, that might be something for me to check out.

Man the other day at school, there I am right checking out at school. And this teacher comes up to me, so quickly I turn it over to the ‘How to be a wrestler’ page thinking there wouldn’t be any vanilla ice porn on it. I scroll down to look innocent and the teacher starts talking to me about the dangers of the internet like porn and shit and that I had to get some internet license for school. Anyways I say I know about the porn and shit right, as there on my screen is this huge picture of Rikishi’s bumpy ass. She looks at it and gave me this look I will never forget, I said nothing and just closed the browser and ran away. My god, smelly Rikishi’s ass.

Yeah well mike updated (yay), sam is slack and will never update.

In the CD player: Cypress hill
Reading: George Orwell’s 1984 still

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