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Amazon Kindle arrived today

Our Kindles arrived in the mail today. Rediscovering reading has been one of the best things about this year.  It’s become a nightly habit to put on a pot of tea, hook up the iPod docking station, set to some random Sigur Ros album and read for a good hour or so before going to bed.  Being a slow reader ...

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By the light of the psalms

February 15th: In thy presence is fullness of joy. Where glad hearts love to gather… Psalms 16:11 I’m not usually that religious but I found this neat little notebook today with a fun and useful psalm for every day of the year! Did everyone have a lovely valentines day? I did. Sort of… it was 40 something degrees and I ...

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I’ve just finished Paulo Coelho’s ‘A Orillas del Río Piedra Me Senté y Lloré’ which, in English I think would translate to; ‘by the side of the stone/pebble/rock river, I sat down and cried’. Absolutely inspiring book. For anyone who likes happy endings, true love, and enlightening journeys, this is for you. However, despite the description I’ve just given, it’s ...

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The Ebbing Tide

I’ve just finished reading F. Scott Fitzgerald’s THE GREAT GATSBY so I’m going around using expressions like ‘jolly good old sport’ and ‘oh, won’t we just have the gayest time!’ in broad, pompous English accents. Even though the book is set on the East coast of the United States… From what I’ve gathered, people have very definite opinions on this ...

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