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By the light of the psalms

February 15th:

In thy presence is
fullness of joy.
Where glad hearts love to gather…
Psalms 16:11

I’m not usually that religious but I found this neat little notebook today with a fun and useful psalm for every day of the year!

Did everyone have a lovely valentines day? I did. Sort of… it was 40 something degrees and I had to work at a wedding where the bride was pretty much gone by 5pm. It was supposedly a thirty person wedding and they had 22 cases of beer. (!) Then I spent the evening in the company of not one, but two gorgeous boys. I also got a rose! But that was from my friend Sally so I don’t think that counts.

Today my bedroom had a makeover. I couldn’t paint it, which is unfortunate because I feel like I’m living inside a giant plum. I went though a ‘stage’ and everything, although a slightly different shade, is definitively purple…

But we did put up some bookshelves to display, what I have realised, is a very random collection. It seems that I have everything from ‘The Silver Brumby’ and some other spin-off horse series to ‘The catcher in the Rye’ to Nick Earls’ ‘Head Games’ which is by far one of the strangest books I’ve ever tried to read. Maybe it sorts itself out in the end but I never got far enough to find out.

My cupboards also got a clean out like they’ve never been cleaned out before. So really it was more of an inner makeover. I’ll admit, I’m quite sentimental, if someone gives me something, I just can’t bring myself to give it away. So I’ve somehow managed to shuffle it all down to half it’s size. It’s very cool… now I can open my wardrobe without fear of being squashed by a mountain of hats and scarves and old mascara tubes. I got all my photos together and put them in the SAME box, I put all my letters in to a big tin and managed to get all my old crappy Bali jewelry in to the same bag. I found my old ‘My Girl’ tape which features such songs as ‘Do Wah Diddy Diddy’ such good listening – so that’s going straight in to the car. The dolls and Barbie clothes went on to the top shelf and the best part of the day was definitely when I got to use our new vacuum cleaner. It’s great, it’s like one of those industrial ones so you can see all the yucky bits going inside.

My mum’s the goodest, she just brought me in some peppermint fudge…

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