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I’ve just finished Paulo Coelho’s ‘A Orillas del Río Piedra Me Senté y Lloré’ which, in English I think would translate to; ‘by the side of the stone/pebble/rock river, I sat down and cried’. Absolutely inspiring book. For anyone who likes happy endings, true love, and enlightening journeys, this is for you. However, despite the description I’ve just given, it’s not a fluffy, pink, girley book, quite the contrary. It looks deeply in to religion of many cultures and comes out with the now popular, western belief of one God. Would really recommend it to anyone that believes there’s something bigger than themself but not quite sure what.

Am struggling to re-acquaint myself with the computer at the moment. Not going well, the scanner obviously doesn’t like my photos, Publisher has given me four miniature copies of something when I wanted one big one and the printer is having a ‘blue’ day, at the moment now beeping at me with all different coloured lights.

Sigh… life is difficult isn’t it!

Have given up job hunting. It’s probably one of those boiling kettle stories, because I don’t want one, something will turn up. But I was thinking, now that I’m going back to school, I’m going to use the non-working time to get on top of all my assignments… or I might just end up hanging out with Matt who is COMING OVER TOMORROW!! I haven’t told him yet but he’ll probably have to come to my grandma’s house to dinner with me coz I haven’t seen her yet. Oops.

On a brighter note, (brighter than my computer beeping at me and being a bad grand daughter) I discovered that I actually have $3.90 in my bank account rather than the 90 cents that I have previously thought! Party!!

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