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Youtube Friday: Star Wars Force Awakens Trailer 3


On the spectrum of Star Wars fandom, I suspect I fall somewhere in the middle of the bell curve.  I love the Original trilogy, don’t much care for the Prequel trilogy and am getting gradually more hyped for the upcoming Force Awakens which is now less than two months away.

With each trailer thats been released, I’ve gradually shifted from guarded scepticism to cautious optimism to unabashed excitement and anticipation.  It looks like Abrams has created a successor to the Original trilogy that faithfully captures the essence of what makes it so good, without the god awful dialogue or dated looking CGI veneer of the Prequels.  Seeing these little snippets of goodness in Trailer 3 made me realize just how much I’d like a new Star Wars film that kicks ass and delivers the goods.

Not long to go now.

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