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Wither Facebook?

I’m sure it’s going to be me and Jen doing the same thing one day but until such a time comes, I’d love to know if there is a way to filter babies out of Facebook.  What I find is that baby photos and baby-related status updates always attract the most number of comments and ‘likes’ therefore they end up ...

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Fun with Openbook

“They trust me.  Dumb fucks” – Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO. Facebook privacy, or lack of it, is a bit of a hot topic at the moment.  Once the darling of social networking media, Facebook and its creator Mark Zuckerberg have come under increasing criticism for its lax approach to user privacy and the difficulty in closing a Facebook account.  Not ...

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Facebook Champion

Its been a while since we’ve had an entry into Who Has The Coolest Facebook Friend competition.  I can’t even remember who the defending champion was.  Whoever it was, they’d be hard pressed to top this entry:

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Weekend of TV Shows, Facebook and Podcasts

1UP Yours/Listen Up As I write this, I’m listening to the final 1UP Yours/Listen Up podcast before host Garnett Lee leaves the UGO gaming network for Shack News.  That might not sound terribly interesting but listening to this weekly video game podcast has been a habit of mine for the past four years and the show was enourmously influential personally.  ...

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Weekend of Facebook and Football

So I booked in my Facebook username today and went with a rather predictable “”.  I’m still not sure I understand the point of having a Facebook Username but there was a lot I didn’t understand about Facebook when Pat first recommended it to me two years ago. I went out drinking last night with a friend from work in ...

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Facebook is dumb

Seriously Pat, I’ve signed up for this thing but I can’t figure out what the hell you’re supposed to do.  I’ve added some people I know and someone sent me a message about being a vampire.  What is the point of this?

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