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Update schmupdate

i’m guessing that the Huckerby update didnt go down well… no?

Anyway, all brunei schools have started this week leaving me with pretty much fuck all to do all week… so i thought i’d get in touch with my ex-girlfriend and current girlfriend of one of my really good friends, thats right, i’m talking bout alison. We met up for lunch and chatted for fucking ages about pretty much everything… it was real good to see her again. I mean, admittably, she made an effort to contact me in the past 5 months in england but i kinda shrugged her phone calls off saying that i’d call back… so i did! unfortunatly it was yesterday… being about 4 months late. Oh well all is good.

I’m having a slight problem relating to my flying plans… apparently i am needed in england next week because i am expected to work for some judge dude. The problem is that i’m only waiting listed to be on a flight this weekend, and things are not looking too bright for me making the flight… this of course means that i will eventually fly back to england on the 7th… a whole extra week in Brunei with no one around! Alright! Actually, it does mean that i’ll get to see my friends here one last time this weekend in KB… should be more eventful than my sex life (that isnt too challanging).

The wacky adventures of Matt will return soon
Until then…


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