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Warning: Not To Scale

My Will Self stylings (see my last update) have lead to abuse in the chatbox. Weirdly, someone came to my aid, so I the page didn’t load up with the first line being anti-Rod racism. You know, I think MLK was a pushover. To be judged not by the colour of their skin but by their strength of character indeed! I won’t rest until we live in a world where there is no discrimination or prejudice against people based EITHER on race OR on personality. I have to defend myself. Anti-asshole prejudice is my nemesis.

Have you seen the ads for that new Morgan Freeman movie, “Along Came a Spider”? Didja notice that he also starred in “Kiss the Girls” (‘Georgy Porgy pudding and pie, kiss the girls and make them cry’). So, presumably, his upcoming films will be “Buckle my Shoe”; “Hickory Dickory” and, if he’s feeling controversial, “Ten Little Niggers.”

Anyway, enough silliness. I demand someone scan a photo of Annie from the 1994 (chr.?) ISB yearbook, so her lovely countenance can be dwelt on by all (it is such a *cute* piccy), and also that she might merit inclusion in the aforementioned feature box (see last update). Apparently, Edo will be running a new site somewhere/somehow with lots of girls, thereby confirming publicly what we have all suspected about him in hushed tones for many years, ever since he bought that Village People CD and starting wearing his girlfriend’s clothes. I cannot comment on how this might affect the future of this site, but I’m confident he’ll find time for both, after all, Dan has his own site, and he updates all the ti… er, actually, it may adversely affect the site. Still, tough titties, frankly.

I ran into a friend of mine I hadn’t seen in ages the other day, on my way back from the pub. I can’t give out details, but he’s got a really crazy idea and I told him not to go ahead with it. We argued, he got fed up and told me he was going ahead with it whether I agreed or not, and tried to change the subject of conversation after first reminding me that he would like my support. I got fed up myself and refused to discuss any other matter until he was ready to consider the possibility he might be wrong. He was adamant. He insisted that he’d thought it through and there was nothing to discuss, but continued to press for my encouragement. My reason for not sticking up for a friend is as follows: if his idea goes ahead, he’ll fuck himself up bad. If he does what he’s sure is the right thing, he won’t be swayed by my disapproval. But he will suffer as a result, which means that I would have been a part of his sending-down (xiafang), my friendship costing him his happiness and I can’t condone that. Sticking up for your friends is easy, a lot easier than people make it sound, it is not something worthy of a medal. But what is difficult is accepting that, sometimes, you can’t stick up for them in the short-term if you want them to be better off in the long term. God, I AM my parents! But it’s true. I think mindless traditions like that are intrinsically valuable because they have come from society, they are not ideals pressed down on people, they are practical solutions which came about from the need for stability in small communities throughout the world. Anyway, the point is starting to fade. I hope this lesson makes you all look at your own relationships, friends, and families.

I shan’t patronise you any more. I shan’t explain myself, either.

Oh, but I WOULD like to address my chatbox critic (btw, if it’s Justin, I’ll kill you). I am not a dick. I do possess one, and you’re right insofar as that it’s rather poorly and has trouble ‘standing up for the principles it believes in’, but I put that down to stress and performance anxiety. I am not a dick, because it is a symbol of male aggressiveness and stupidity. True, I am an egotist, and stupid, but I am not a testosterone-oozing apeman. I prefer to think of myself as a cunt. The cunt, fickle and yet sensitive, the most ugly word in the English language (though Latin in origin), it represents birth, but also blood and other nasty stuff. Women’s naughty bits have been interfered with across the globe, from Gikuyu clitoridectomy in Kenya to hysterectomies in Victorian England, the cunt is the subject of much abuse. Nevertheless, we all owe our lives to an accomodating cunt, so let’s bear that in mind next time we feel like dissing Rod. I am a cunt, not a dick.


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