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My Plans For the Rest of 2012

I’m pretty excited about how the end of the year is looking.  There’s a couple of dates and events that need finalizing but basically this is what I’ve got in store: Plenty to look forward to.

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Time For A Holiday

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a trip overseas.  I must admit, I get a little stir crazy when I see Facebook and Twitter updates from Mike, Matt, Pat, Angela…it seems everyone has been travelling and holidaying except me. Fortunately, that’s all about to change.  In December, Jen and I have booked in a three week trip to ...

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Don & Ritzy Do West Malaysia and Singapore

I don’t mind telling you, it’s been a hell of a year.  Both Jen and I have survived a rather challenging twelve months in our careers and we will gladly see the back of 2012.  We’ve both had it pretty good up to now and have stayed at our respective companies for fourteen years combined.  But this year, for whatever ...

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The Holiday Blog

It was only last night when we said farewell to Jen’s parents as they flew out to China did it really feel like the closing chapter to a four week winter holiday.  It all started in mid-July when we had relatives arrive from around the world – visiting from Scotland, China and America.  Six in total.  Plus all of Jen’s ...

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Back in town

I’m back in Brisbane after a near-four week holiday.  It’s back to work today.  The apartment also needs a to have a bit of tidying.  There’s laundry that needs doing.  *Sigh* I’ll be blogging about Scotland and Malaysia in due course.  It was a pretty sweet holiday though.  Here’s a sampler of some of the stuff we got up to.

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Okay everyone, me and Jen are hitting the trail and heading off on our holiday for the next four weeks.  We’re doing Edinburgh, London and Kota Kinabalu in that order.  Feel free to hit me up on Facebook if you think you’ll be free to catch up anywhere amongst that.

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