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Shalalalalalalala…just like that


this is pretty much my last week here in Brunei. I just got back from KL today, and i bought lots of stuff. I pretty much bought out the whole Mambo store in KLCC. yeaaaaah…cuz you know…all that summer stuff will come in handy once summer hits england eventually. WHICH REMINDS ME, Tim if you do make it to London you have to tell me cuz i wont allow anyone to pass thru london without seeing me. Its just a little rule i have.

Man, i’m just chatting to some friends back in England and it sounds pretty depressing there at the moment. I was kinda hyped about going back too…this is not good. pooey. I reaaaally should have gone to Oz instead eh? shitting shitting hell.

I saw the start of the XGames in KL, before it got rained out and postponed. I saw a few BMXers (whoopdeedoo) and a couple of skaters. Goddamn the rain for ruining it all, because it was my last afternoon there and i wont ever be able to watch it for a looooong time again. I was in Central Market with my mum and i got stalked by a bunch of american dudes from Kansas University…they jumped right out at me and said HI…what was i meant to do? so i said hello, and i’m convinced they must have thought i was this sucky-sucky-me-luf-u-long-time go-go girl or something. My mum pointed and laughed at me. I’m glad i’m such a good source of amusement amongst the family.

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