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Special K and the toga party

A shining example of how to have fun in Brunei:  Get 15 guys and girls, stick them in 3 hotel rooms with 9 bottles of liquor and throw a bitchin’ toga/karaoke/dance party. In keeping with the Roman Empire theme there was: * Togas.  Only they were crap and so we took them off. * A sword.  $5 from the Toy ...

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New Years (Brunei)


9.00 AM – Wake up.  It’s absolutely pissing down with rain. 9.45 AM – Phone Chloe and ask if she is coming to Goodview Hotel for New Years.  She says ‘maybe’.  That obviously means ‘no, fuck off’.  Damn.  Damn.  Damn.  Damn. 10.00 AM  Put pants on. 11.00 AM  Mike and Matt arrive.  Play Virtua Tennis on Dreamcast and start physically ...

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