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Special K and the toga party

A shining example of how to have fun in Brunei:  Get 15 guys and girls, stick them in 3 hotel rooms with 9 bottles of liquor and throw a bitchin’ toga/karaoke/dance party.

In keeping with the Roman Empire theme there was:

* Togas.  Only they were crap and so we took them off.
* A sword.  $5 from the Toy Castle in Gadong.
* Italian guy (Matt).
* Rape (Andrew took advantage of Matt)
* Orgy.

Actually, there was no orgy.  And I was drunk for the first four hours so I’ll let either Dan or Sam tell the story of what happened that night.  Alternatively, Matt and Tom at FW.UK have posted their thoughts about the whole affair.

I’m smitten.  Kate is my honey bunny!  (and she almost convinced Tom to go running wearing spandex and a bra)

Dan updated recently and talked about Brunei and whether it was a boring country or not.

Best wishes to Ed Ross and Dian on their new relationship.

Parties just aren’t the same though, without Rod.

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  1. jesus christ! what a knob i was!

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