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Kinda numb

So I started the Hulk Up program today. I guess I need to go and buy some scales now. But as of last week, I was a miserable 66kg.

So, Giant MegaMass 5000 then. It says you take three generous scoops of powder, three times a day, every day. EVERY DAY. That’s a fucking lot. The reasoning behind taking so much of this shit is that it keeps the super growth hormones and nutrients flowing through your body 24/7.

So you can put this powder on anything. I had my first one in milkshake form. But you can garnish this shit on a steak, add it to ice cream or whatever. Since I know how to make like 3 meals, this is seriously going to test my creativity. I am NOT going to have 3 milkshakes every goddam day.

It’s vanilla flavor. And it makes my body twitchy and numb when I take it. I hope it doesn’t do that every single time. That’d be weird. Hopefully it gets quick results.

Here’s the novelty section of the post:

Went to and searched for “Edo”. Here’s a selection of what they have to say about me:

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About Edo

Edo currently lives in Australia where he spends his time playing video games and enjoying his wife's cooking.

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