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Movies and stuff

I went to the movies tonight and realized i had seen three out of the seven shows playing. A bit of a wake-up call to how much free time i have had over the last few weeks.
Anyways, i watched Blue Crush i think is was called, about some surfer chicks. An average movie that is predictable in everyway. But it was worth the money and was quite entertaining so 3/5.

I booked off the next two weekends at work, and i checked the schedule to realize i had no work for the next two weekes. This gives me way to much free-time to deal with. Oh well, this means my lifestyle of gambling and drinking has to be cut back.

I think the whole Brunei culture of people coming and going has had an effect on me, as i have realized that i get bored of places and groups of people very quickly. Now i have lived in this canadian town for exactely two years now, i cant help feeling that i want to move on again. But the question is where? I could move to the bigger better City of Kelowna for school or even Vancouver. I think the best thing is to finish off my diploma and then go travelling for a while, this could probably help me make the decision of where i want to be. England could even be a possibility, but after hearing Sam’s words, it doesnt sound like such a great place. So where and what should i do, bare with me here as i am in a weird mindset right now.

Does anyone else ever get like this?

We got another dog today, a rottweiler. Brings the dog total to six now, bloody hell.

Great to see Spy-mag back up.


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