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About Me

As you may have guessed by the title person writting this my name is Matt.

Have a destinct relasionship with everyone on this site:
Edo: My bestfriend for about 4 years
Mike: My brother
Sam: Close friend who spent some wicked good times with me last year
Pat: We had our differences but its all cool now… i mean afterall he is Pat (how could you hate that guy?)
Tim: One of my old bestfriend’s brother. Also the author of many of my childhood beatings!
Angela: Pretty much the same as Sam… except i’ve know angie for many years
Annie: Good friend who used to bear the wrath of Mme. Lincoln (our year 9 french teacher) with me.
Dan: Quality bloke who help out at so many parties and band practices alike.

Some quick info bout me:
Live: I’m boarding in England… but i’m still based in Brunei
Age: 17… today!
Where from: Italy! (oh and england too… but lets not mention it)
Like: Most things… esp. Football, Political punk rawk, Alcohol, Asian food, Alessandro Del Piero… Sex.
Dont like: Arrogant people, English food, English national football team, Stereotyping, Emil Heskey.

Thats about all.


About Matt

London-based freelancing stylin' profilin' people's champion

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