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Top Ten Video Games of 2013


2013 was a pretty great year for games.  There was a number of positive trends throughout these past twelve months that I hope continue well into 2014 and onwards.  Firstly, we seem to have well and truly gotten past the days of having the best games crammed into a three month window between September and November.  2013 saw both big ...

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Phoenix Wright vs Professor Layton announced

On the Nintendo DS there are two franchises in my mind that are worthy of the mantle of being the called the greatest. There’s the Ace Attorney series starring Phoenix Wright, a defence attorney.  He likes to yell ‘objection!’ a lot and he also helps people who are unjustly accused of murder.  Then there’s the equally amazing Professor Layton series ...

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Phoenix Wright: Justice For All


Platform:  Nintendo DS Developer:  Capcom Publisher:  Capcom *contains spoilers* Playing Phoenix Wright: Justice For All is like revisiting an old friend.  The gameplay is almost a carbon copy of the original, with all its charm, quirks and flaws.  Without giving too much away, a lot of old favourites from the original game also re-appear in this follow up to Ace ...

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