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After a week of full time work at the credit union, i can look forward to a long weekend due to BC day. Which i swear is just some day the province made up to have another long weekend in the summer.

Its like 40 degrees everyday right now, in Canada. What the fuck is with that, its hotter than Brunei here. You cant go outside without coming back with a drenched shirt of sweat.

Last night, Becca dragged me to Impact, this local club. At first i wasnt too happy about going, but when i got there and had a few beers the night began to get better. I met some English guy from London named ‘Buster’ who just reminded me of ed ross, it was kinda weird. All he talked about was clubbing and how no one smokes in Canada, oh and pub life. Then some other English dude started talking to me about money transfer or something…whats with all the Brits in this town now!!

So a couple of us were dancing and this girl joined us and started grinding the pole on the dance floor, very sexually. I mean i didnt know if she was trying to get herself off or attract attention or what, she was well into that pole though. Wow, Becca said she looked like Britney Spears…whatever than means.

This dude that works at the club approached me and asked for some gum. So being the nice guy i am, i give him some gum, in return he gives me a Swollem Members concert ticket for the 23rd. So its now like SWEET!, i am going to watch my favourite band play live at some house show in Kelowna. I am so stoked about this.

Lesson Learned…being nice does pay off.

I was with three girls and he asked which one was my girlfriend, i knew becca hated swollen members as they hit on her friend or something like that. So this other girl Brandi put her hand up and she got a ticket too.

Its now August and i realized on the 27th i am flying into London, England. Hmm…i really should plan for what i should do when i land. I’ll worry about it later i guess.

I work with forty middle aged women.


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Patrick lives in South West London with his girlfriend and works in the online marketing industry. He enjoys attending buffets, running half marathons, complaining about Air Canada and watching rugby.

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