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I’m Going to Have A Baby

I was reading in TIME magazine about those twin babies that were adopted on the internet and all the custody battles that are going on between the mother and the family that adopted them.

In the interests of writing an article about online adoption for the FAT website I’m going to try and buy a baby online.  If anyone knows some good links to start me off, send them to

It seems everyday in Brunei, unmarried couples are getting busted for the cardinal sin of being in ‘close proximity’.  If you see some rugged looking dudes in robes breaking in to lots of houses, armed with a Borneo Bulletin photographer, shouting ‘Busted!’, it’s the Religious Police.  Now someone please explain to me, if being unmarried and being with someone of the opposite sex is a sin, how the hell are you supposed meet someone before marrying them?  Surely, it’s not all arranged marriages is it?

Still, I suppose it works.  Only 1 in 27 arranged marriages end in divorce. 1 in 2 conventional marriages end in divorce.

The complete lack of activity in the forum is disappointing.

My mom phoned me from work today with some ‘fantastic news’.  She told me that Martina Hingis beat Venus Williams.  I asked my mom ‘shouldn’t you be working?’ and ‘why is this fantastic?’  She hung up.

First phase planning of The Palace of Porn party has begun…

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