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The FAT Website Show – The Vodcast: Part One

While Mike and Matt were in Brisbane we had a go at recording a video podcast, or a ‘vodcast’.  Unfortunately, it didn’t really work.  We had six people, two video cameras (one which ran out of memory half way through recording), five regular cameras and no organisation for what we were going to talking about.  It took a little while to get warmed up and get conversation flowing freely too.  The end result was about an hour of footage, some of which was cool and other bits which were completely unusable (Adham has a gigantic head which occasionally blocked Camera One).  Youtube limits video duration to 10 minutes so I’ve decided to make the Vodcast a two-parter, with the second half coming next week.

On the plus side, some of the material here is pretty funny.  Adham has a really strange choice for his favourite tv show of the decade and the conversation about technology in the future will be interesting to revisit years from now to see whether cranium-enabled Internet ever comes to fruition.

Enjoy and have a good weekend!

The Vodcast: Part One
Join Mike, Matt, Adham, Edo, Allan and Jarrod in this special commemorative 10th anniversary TFW video podcast. The crew look to the future and discuss technological developments in the next ten years and also look back on their favourite tv show of the past ten years. Adham surprises everyone with his answer.

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