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School starts soon and I am shit out of cash

As the long four month summer comes to a close, I took part in a traditional Canadian pastime last weekend. I went camping, this is my first time if you dont include:

a) Camping in some guy’s backyard for Cubs
b) Camping on Crocodile beach, where at 3am we walked back to my house and slept beside dian’s pool.
(One of the reasons is because Dean was acting up)

To start the night, Ryan and I were late to the campsite as we had to pick up a 1/4 pound of weed. After long delays and getting way too high for our own health we set off for the campsite with a canoe on the roof of our car. So we get to this campsite, where mobile phones dont work. We are on our own for the weekend, a full hour’s drive from the nearest redneck town where they sell deer burgers and cow legs.

The first night consisted of getting high, drinking and mixing with the people in other camp sites around us. Man a lot of Canadians go camping.

The next day was better, we get up and go out on a canoe and smoke about five joints. It was five really high kids in a canoe and no one really knew what they were doing, I was steering the thing for gods sake. We must have gone in circles about four times and I ate nearly a pound of sunflower seeds.

Then we get back to the site after about three hours of being high in a canoe. My buddy Steve Bartsch arrives, now this guy is the biggest pothead of all. He literally blazed seven of the hugest canons for the circle of people around the fire.

It turned dark soon after consuming some sandwiches and hotdogs. Then, everyone started drinking excessively and more and more people starting showing up, bit of a party really. Anyways, i had about five beers right and i needed a cigarette, so i go out and look for one. I see two girls smoking.

I approach the girls and the conversation went something like this:
Me: Mind if I bum a smoke off you
Girl: Sure
Me: Theres a bunch of us over there drinking, wanna come.
Girl: Actually, me and my friend want to go skinny dipping, why dont you join us

I am thinking, this is way too easy. So i get a 2nd opinion from someone about the girls before i wake up the next morning with genital warts. It turns out they are bi-sexual sexoholics, jesus! Some weird people go camping. I decided not to go near that, as they weren’t even that good looking.

Then some guy comes up to me and trys to buy some mushrooms. Mushrooms in a forest i guess is cool when you go camping.

We all then proceeded to get more drunk and eventually all passed out in our respective tents.

Overall though a decent camping experience.
A traditional Canadian camping trip really consists of weed, alcohol and hotdogs.

Oh and school starts next weels and I am shit out of cash

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Patrick lives in South West London with his girlfriend and works in the online marketing industry. He enjoys attending buffets, running half marathons, complaining about Air Canada and watching rugby.

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