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Take Me Back To The Summer of 98

Do you remember the days of 1998? I do. Band practices at edos, yatch club afterwards… football with Mr. Jones, Del peiro and Inzaghi both playing for Juve. Those where the days.

What i’m trying to get at here is of course Italy’s triumphant 4-0 victory last night to overtake wales at the top of their Euro 2004 qualifying group. such a great proformance, such a great team. I’m sure Jimmy will agree with me here.

When i logged on this site today i was shocked out of my pants to see Sam posting in the forum… good to see your still alive my good man. however, i was equally shocked not to see an update about Angela’s saturday night… you have to understand that it has become a natural part of my day reading Angie’s updates and it always cheers me up and makes me feel happy inside… why? shit knows, maybe its the exclamation marks!! 😉

Although i have long been in denile about me being a complete loser it finally dawned upon me yesterday when i went to see Pirates of the Carribean for a thrid time… i cant help it, its just too good! maybe it has something to do with the fact that i always wanted to be a pirate when i was younger… you know, whenever i would play with my lego i’d ALWAYS have to be the pirates… they are just that much kick ass. ARGH!!

I was doing the rounds on the interent this morning and came across this story. It lead me to ask this question… “Are the Norweignes the cleanes people in the world?” because the saize of their washing machines are just plain crazy!!

Then of course after reading this i clicked on a link to this report… man, this guy must get so much shit!

I’ve decided that after reading this i want to move to Norway… these guys seem like the coolest! (quite literally) tehe.


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