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The morning came and went

The most fucked up thing happened this morning. you know how i’ve been having problems with my flight date back to england? well this morning i was woken up by my mum at 8:30am telling me that there was a place available on a flight at mid-day… do i want to go?! what the hell is that?! you cant just wake me up 4 hours before i have to take a 12 hour flight that i was completely unaware of. So i got mad told her where to shove the flight and went back to my blissful sleep.

You know when you have days when you wake up and it is really gray outside and drizzling, and where your bed is at its most comfortablist (?)… well i had one of them when i eventually woke up at 11am… so i read in bead for about 2 hours more… it was so fucking good! (the whole bed thing that is… not the masterbation that soon followed! ha).

I found out some messed up news last night. I was talking to my ex-girlfriend (sadly who i am still infactuated with), Rhiannon, as she was telling me about her near death experiance a few days before… i kinda laughed this off until she explained how it happened. Apparently she was rock climbing with her brother, out of sheer boredom, and they made it to the pinnacle of the cliff face… they then realized that it was gonna be fuck loads harder to get down. her brother, Rhys, went down first and when he was about half way down he saw that mis sister had slipped and basically was freefalling 50ft to the jagged rocks below! It was freakish to hear that he reached out and grabbed her while supporting both of there weight with just one hand! … that was true spiderman-esque shit! Madness.

Moving on from that rather uplifting story, I’ve decided that i’m gonna do something constructive with my life! … Today will bake a cake!

Dont fall off any cliffs now.


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