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What a nice weekend. I spent a good portion of it sleeping on Polly’s couch. On Saturday I think I had about nine hours awake. The rest was spent napping. Wonderful.

On Sunday I went to a barbeque and ate man-sized portions of dead animal. It was in some dude’s backyard and I had a great time. I got pretty drunk and ate wayyy too much meat that wasn’t properly cooked. I learned half of BBQing is patience and letting the meat finish cooking. That night I had runny poo. I must’ve gone to the toilet about four times each time thinking I’d finally cleaned out my bowels. I guess I ate more than I thought.

The funny thing was, the night before the BBQ and the meat-fest, I watched The Cook, His Wife, The Thief and Her Lover. And *SPOILER* at the end of the movie, the lover is cooked and presented to the husband as this massive man-meat dish complete with roasted penis. It got me wondering how he fitted the dead guy in the oven and how the hell did they actually make a meat-dish shaped like a human? *END SPOILER*

If you were to eat a person who was roasted, which body part do you eat first?

I’ll leave that question to the philosophers.

Posted by Edo @ 12:47 AM AST [Link]

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The thighs, or the boobies…how cool would it be to sink your teeth into a nice bit of tit? heheh

Posted by Sam @ 08/27/2002 04:07 AM AST

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