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Planned Friday > Matt’s Friday

So yesterday the weekend was looking pretty sorted. but that was yesterday.

The original plan was a good one. I had the day off work because i was going diving in the morning… just a nice recreational dive for the sake of having a license now. Afterwards i would chill out for the afternoon and watch a movie or something. Then at around 5:30 head over to my friend Becky’s house with a bunch of friends to watch the opening ceremony and first match of the rugby world cup. Needless to say much beer and merry making will be involved.

Here’s actually how the day panned out. I woke up, pretty excited cause i like diving and it is very joyous. however after getting ready i recieved a phone call from the guy i’m diving with who told me that it was pissing it down and the swell was crazy big, therefore there would be no diving today.. ass. So i thought i’d make the best of the situation and go back to my nice warm welcoming bed. My mum comes in soon after and decides that she doesnt want me lazing around and gives my work a call to ask them if they want me to work.. the answer: “yes”… ass. So within 40 mintues i arrive at work. When i arrive i see all my fellow workers not doing anything… the reason is simply because the thjat we work off server has been taken away and wont be back for another 2hours! so there is no way of doing work and i’m am now stuck at work. ass.

From a day that was so promising came a day that has really not been to my liking. A day that is grey, rainy and miserable needs to be spent in bed or curled up in front of the TV. My only saving grace is the rugby that i am going to watch later and the copious amounts of alcohol that will be consumed during it. i’ll prolly find out that there is some kinda lethal virus going around in australia and the tournament is called off… just not my day. ass.

Go Argies Go!


Posted by Matt @ 02:12 PM AST [Link] [2 comments]

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Man, England are the best this year…they are going to take it hands down. WOO!

Posted by Pat @ 10/10/2003 06:37 PM AST


Posted by chris @ 10/10/2003 05:20 PM AST

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