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Politics and why I hate indy rock

I read Matts update with interest although I feel he has made the same mistake that the democratic party have made throughout this whole election.

Democrats are going to vote for Kerry, liberals are going to vote for Kerry. This is a given. Kerry already has their vote so he needs to stop trying to please them. In my personal opinion, Kerry needs less of a “I’ll do all this cool stuff when I am president” approach and focus more on “Look at what a fuck-up Bush is” because that is the only way you are going to win over Republican voters.

Frankly, Kerry is spending a fortune on ads about rising health care ads when there are over a thousand dead US soldiers from an unprovoked invasion of Iraq and thats not what is going to win over people who voted for Bush last time…

Kerry is also rambling on about how he can fix Iraq, when frankly, he needs to be pointing out the truth that maybe not even he can fix the Iraq issue because of the mess that has been made of that country because of one man.

Here’s my suggestion: Quit running ads about how some senior citizen is now going to have to pay an extra 5 bucks for his antacid and flash up some pictures of dead Iraqi civilians. Some statistics on the number of dead US and British soldiers. Iraqis running and screaming in terror as another fucking tank rolls through their streets. How about some intelligence data on the RISE of international terrorism since Bush took over power…and then at the end, a “WHO CAUSED THIS:……BUSH”

Thats the only way that those undecided are going to realize that if Bush goes into office for another four years, we may never have to vote again, because there will be nothing left of the earth than a nuclear wasteland.

I have an idea…why not flash this up instead of a plan for effective tax cuts?


I don’t like Franz Ferdinand, I don’t like the White Stripes, I don’t like the Hives, I don’t like Modest Mouse, I don’t like Jet, The Walkmen, The Vines, The Thrills, The Kills, The Killers, Death Cab For Cutie, or Fucking Maroon Fucking 5.

You know why? Coz they are just too fucking “hip” for me. I work in a record store. And everyday someone comes in and says “I like indie rock, like the white stripes or Jet.” There is not a single thing INDIE about any of those bands.

The only ones I can stomach are The Shins (though they are getting too cool for their own good too), The Strokes and Interpol because at least they seem honest.

Yeah, berate me for publically admitting that I like Fall Out Boy and Midtown. Shun me for my love of The Used or Thursday. I am a fucktard for liking Brand New and Hawthorne Heights. And heaven forbid I admit I like Coheed and Cambria or Taking Back Sunday…..But I take some joy in saying that I haven’t jumped on the quote un-quote indie bandwagon.

Oh, and I fucking LOVE Alkaline Trio too….

I know I am going to get slaughtered for this…but I just wanted to throw that out there.


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