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Kinda neither here nor there

I kinda false-started my first week at uni. I only went to two classes and I’m still not signed up for my Internet Design class. Oh, and I haven’t paid my fees yet.

That said, my new class Interactive Screen Writing will be a breeze. Its the sort of class where 20% of the grade comes from class participation and looking at the lesson plan for the weeks ahead, we have to talk about the cultural value of Pulp Fiction, Final Fantasy 7, Myst and Mortal Kombat. How easy is that? And everyone else in the class looks like they have no idea whats going on so I’ll be eating up marks just talking about videogames for an hour with the tutor. Wooo!!

Very cultured night last night. I went to see the West Australian Symphony Orchestra BY CHOICE. Mcgee invited me and I thought, what the heck. Suprise suprise, it was actually quite enjoyable as the Orchestra did some tunes that everyone knows like Clubbed To Death from the Matrix soundtrack so the crowd was IN to it. Plus we got sweet seats for only 15 bucks. And there was this really sexy violinist lady. She has this big pointy nose, long jet black hair and pale skin. Like Elvira or something. Good stuff.

Had a cocktail night on Wednesday. Had a Boston Ice Tea and some Apple n’ Absinth. Only two drinks and it cost me thirty bucks. But after that I was completely FINISHED. *ticks Drinking Absinth off list of things to do before I die*

I saw Bulletproof Monk the other day. Better than I thought. American Wedding seems to have garnered enough positive feedback so I’ll actually go watch it. Anyone care to fill me in on what happens in American Pie II?

Latest workout report: did 42 push-ups in a row the other day in front of girls as a male bravado act and then collapsed in a heap, redfaced. Arms too sore now to do any more exercise for a while.

Finally got in touch with Polly! Caught up on stuff. Polly had no stories really. She does lots of school work and thats it. Smelly.

Thats all from me.

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