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20Nothing Baby!

Polly made me a big cake this morning with a candle!! It made my day.

Since Angela started it, I’m going to talk movies.

Personally, I thought Zoolander was a lot like the Ali G movie. Make of that what you will.

I have Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on DVD. Its fucking marvelous. They have karaoke cuts of the Oompa Loompa songs, there’s a documentary with the kids and you can Augustus Gloop has grown from a fat little German kid in to a FATASS German guy. Oh, and Charlie Bucket is a bald zoo keeper. The documentary reveals that the cash-in Wonka chocolate sweets that were supposed to be released in time with the films release 25 years ago was ruined because they melted (!).

Mike, there’s a Def Lep movie?! Do they play themselves or does Brad Pitt or someone play Joe Elliott? What’s it called? Hysteria DVD just came out. I will buy this as a birthday present for myself. Favourite Def Lep song? Miss You In A Heartbeat!

A warning about Ghost World. It’s the sort of film you can love or hate. Note on the DVD: the deleted scenes are pretty awful. However, there is an extended ass kicking battle between Mullet Nunchuck Man and Irrate Mop Wielding Indian.

Cory Feldman is cool. He is beastly in Stand By Me. River Phoenix lost his virginity on the set apparently. He was like 13 though. What a champ.

I recently saw Sir Frederick the Savage in The Princess Bride. I notice he gets mentioned every so often in the blogs. Whatever happened to that guy? Does anyone else remember the French girl in Wonder Years. My lord, she was hot.

Scalet Johansson next stars in the very promising MONSTERFEST Eight Legged Freaks.

Your Homework
Kazaa download: Know Your Chicken by Cibo Matto.

I am now 20. wooooooOOOOOOOOoooOOOOooooo!!!

Posted by Edo @ 02:42 AM AST [Link]

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Monsterfest!!! That will be on my list of must-sees.

Posted by Dan @ 07/21/2002 04:02 PM AST

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