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Buffy Season Finale

My lord, that was excellent. The Season Finale of Buffy that is. I am such a sucker for All You Need Is Love storylines.

I love Buffy. Not Sarah Michelle Gellar per se (too skinny), but the show is fucking marvellous. Though I can see how Series 7 will be the last since this one pretty much rounded out the character’s development. Xander proves his worth to the Scoobies. Willow is back to being vulnerable Willow that we love. Tara’s dead (she sucked). Dawn become’s independant and is becoming groomed for her own series. Buffy realises she is totally dependant on Giles to hold the Scoobies together.

So I guess Season 7 is all about your british vampire hero and mine, Spike. The dude that was there since Season 2.

Sleeping in tomorrow I guess. Have fun at work and school you jerks. Oh wait, most of you are on holiday. Damn.

Posted by Edo @ 11:48 PM AST [Link]

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