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UK Election 2010 – The Dating Game

So with a Mexican stand-off in place between Brown and Cameron, and the election results left gridlocked in a hung parliament, its time for everyone to pony up to Nick Clegg and see if they can woo him into a coalition that will ultimately decide who governs the UK.  We could be talking about a Progressive Coaltion here folks.  As someone who lives in a country that has a two party system where both parties are Centre-Right, I’m totally jealous.  Our third biggest political party is even more conservative.  What kind of bullshit representation is that?

Of course, there’s talk after the last couple of days about major electoral reform being required in the UK.  The feeling being that the Lib-Dems got stung by a ‘first past the post’ system that can encourage voters to tactically switch their votes away to another party if they feel it’ll make or break the overall outcome.  I can sort of see the logic in it.  Whats also interesting to see is the genuine spread of votes which meant that even though Cameron won the popular vote, he still only represents barely a third of the voting public.

For now, its still unclear what Clegg will do.  Britain waits, with a somewhat bated breath (Britain’s Got Talent still rated better than any of the Electoral Debates)

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