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L.A Noire trailer


L.A Noire is a video game made by Team Bondi and is being published by Rock Star.  It caught my interest when they showed the first trailer FOUR YEARS AGO.  The game has since all but disappeared off the map and been in development under wraps since.  Well, they finally released the first real trailer with in-game footage today.  In the past couple of months the developers have been talking up the game’s advanced facial animation technology that it uses and holy shit, they weren’t kidding.

While the game’s graphical fidelity isn’t a step above whats in the market currently, the quality of the animation does look like it could be a game changer.  The sneering detective, the screaming housewife, the defensive suspect…their facial expressions all seem to be articulated with a degree of refinement we haven’t seen in games before.

Not to mention that I’m totally stoked to see a noir-themed game with high production values getting made.  It’s definitely evocative of film classics such as Chinatown and L.A Confidential.

The game comes out in the middle of next year.  I hope it doesn’t disappoint!

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