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Xbox One DVR Recording Feature


“Xbox, record that”

One time, I was playing Tiger Woods Golf (I forget which year) on the Playstation 3 and a friend of mine hit this 300 yard drive that arced beautifully through the air, skidded off the green and then hit a spectator square in the groin.  There was a wonderful animation of the poor guy doubling over and cupping his balls as he winced in pain.  I really appreciated that EA took the time to animate that sequence for the 0.0000001% chance of a player discovering it.  It was a hilarious moment that has sadly been lost to the recesses of my memory.

Now, with the Xbox One (and Playstation 4), you can record any moment in a game simply by saying “Xbox, record that” (records the previous minute of gameplay) or by hitting the Share button (on the Playstation 4).

I think Microsoft and Sony intend for gamers to use it as a keepsake of when end level bosses are beaten and when a scripted action sequence occurs.  In fact, in some games like Ryse, it automatically records all the cut scenes.  I suspect for most people though, it’ll mostly be used to capture bugs and glitches.

Here’s the first video I edited together on the Xbox One, using their app Upload Studio.  It’s got some clips from Ryse, FIFA 14 and Zoo Tycoon.


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