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The Numbers Game

Erin told me that she heard on the radio that the bombing in Spain happened exactly nine hundred and eleven days after the World Trade Center bombing. Isn’t that odd?

I’m not sure what to think. There’s a million and one weird little notes I’ve heard about the various Al Qaeda attacks. I’m sure you’ve all heard the one where if you put in the flight number of one of the planes that flew in to the World Trade Center in to Microsoft Word and change the text to WingDings font, it turns it to symbols of a couple of buildings and a plane. And if you enter ‘9-11’ in wingdings it turns in to the Star of David and a couple of skulls. What’s crazier is that I remember a lot of this popping up within a few hours of the news being reported.

I wonder if the guys responsible actually think this stuff up or if all this just happened by chance.


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