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My trip to the modem repair man

Edo enters Modem Repair Man’s store

Me: Hey, I’ve come to pick up my laptop. It’s the one with the broken modem.
Modem Man: Certainly sir. That’ll be 500 dollars.
Me: 500 dollars!
Modem Man: It needs a new modem, the battery doesn’t work and the connection wire is broken
Me: That wasn’t broken when I sent it in to the shop
Modem Man: …Yes it was.
Me: Okay, look. Just fix the modem.
Modem Man: I need six weeks to order a new one
Me: Bah! Just give me back my laptop then
Modem Man: That’ll be a 30 dollar service charge
Me: Ah, spit. (hand over 30 dollars and leave, a humbled man with a laptop that doesn’t do fuck all)

About Edo

Edo currently lives in Australia where he spends his time playing video games and enjoying his wife's cooking.

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