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On a night like tonight

man, this section is dead.

Last night was what can only be labeled as one of the best nights of my life. for a simple explanation, i went to see Anti-flag at a club called the waterfront in Norwich. To say the least, i was speechless. It is the second time i have had the privaledge of seeing my favourite band… but compaired to last time when they supported Millencolin in london and only played 9 songs, last night was truely something else entirely. a 20 song set including every one of my favourite songs (i have about 10!) and not only that but i got to meet and talk to Pat (drummer), Justin (lead geetarist/vocalist) and my new hero and idol Chris#2. they, and chris in particular, are the most down-to-earth kind hearted people that i have ever met. And simply the fact that they were everything that a favorite band should be… rocking, entertaining, musically perfect and all round seriously ass kicking.

I almost wish that i could describe the emotions that were running thru me as i stood for an hour a mere 1 metre away from a band that i have done nothing but worship for the past 2 years, play songs that play continuosly on my stereo… but alas. Just go see them… fucking best show i’ve been to yet!

‘is this the condition this house has always been in?’ … ‘uh yea, fucking right pig!’


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