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World Cup 2010: Week of World Cup, Poker & Little Sleep

I got back from the work conference in Melbourne last night.  It was a great couple of days.  We managed to get a lot done during the day and we had an interesting poker night arranged by my boss at the British Crown Hotel in Collingwood.  We had booked for a night of Texas Hold ‘Em which was held in a secluded upstairs area which didn’t have any windows, which made for an interesting evening since it was pissing down with rain and there were winds up to 100km/h.

The venue for our afterwork function

Amazingly, yours truly actionally managed to clean up and win the poker.  Not sure how that happened.  More importantly, I was offered a fulltime position in my current managerial role so I was absolutely stoked as I was only on a temporary secondment previously.  Looks like things are starting to come together!

I’ve also gone most of this week with only 4-5 hours sleep each night.  It’s too easy to fall into watching the midnight game and find myself still awake at 2am everynight.

While I was away, all hell broke loose.  The All Whites secured a famous first ever point, Spain lost to Switzerland (?!) and Germany just lost to Serbia a few minutes ago.  The only expected result was Italy playing like this:

Italy Go Diving

Business As Usual

Also, apparently a couple of the hot girls from the post below this one got arrested for attempting an authorized advertising campaign or something.  Bummer.

Frowny Frau Face: Germany 0 Serbia 1

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