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These last couple of weeks while the site has been down have been good in a way. For me. Because I have had nothing of any interest to report during this time. Boring. Not that the revival has stimulated happenings. The opposite infarct. More time staring blankly at my computer. Actually, I’ve taken to playing solitaire. Or it’s taken to playing me, I’m not really sure. I think I’m addicted. I used to play while I was talking on the phone but now i find myself wandering to the task bar all the time. Whether I’m writing a very-important-due-in-tomorrow-being-sent-to-Cardiff-haven’t-even-written-a-plan-yet style essay or chatting to someone on msn. It’s not cool. And I tell myself that i just have to win one more time and I’ll stop but I never can. I just keep thinking ‘once more, just once more…’

I’m supposed to be motivated. I AM motivated, it’s nearly the end, I just have to concentrate for the next 5 months of my life and everything could work out very nicely. Grrrr…

Grumble grumble, anyway, since the site went down I’ve had my school play which was a huge success I am very glad to say. I didn’t end up having to make out with the 15 year old boy. As luck would have it, my dear theatre arts teacher and director Corinne Berry, otherwise known as ‘The Bezz,’ did not, at any point, have the script in her hands while directing. And her high-pitched cackle at every subtle joke gave me the impression that she may have never even read it.

Also getting involved pretty heavily in netball. The wednesday night ‘Brunei Squad’ are currently ranked 12th on the table. I don’t think we really need to talk about the number of entries in the competition. Also have another team registered for Sunday nights: ‘Mabok.’ I think we should win.

Aside from that I’ve just been trying to continue with this school thing, working out which assignments are really necessary and what is just helpful. Now that’s what I call preparation for university!

Well, now that I’ve added my little contribution I might go and have another crack at my very-important-due-in-tomorrow-being-sent-to-Cardiff-haven’t-even-written-a-plan-yet style essay. Pray for me.

xox :hehe:

Note:  This blog was written by Erin Wallis

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