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Rugby World Cup Quarter Finals

It’s on!

Australia vs England (c) & New Zealand vs France
The strange thing about both quarter final matches tonight is that the outcomes should be predictable.  On form, Australia and New Zealand should advance.  However there’s something about the World Cup though that makes teams behave like its Opposite Day.  England have gotten the better of Australia the last two times they met at the World Cup and they are the defending champions.  So I can’t see them just rolling over.  Similarly, it was France who beat New Zealand in the 1999 semis and they have the added advantage of being hosts.

That said, I’m going to go with New Zealand beating France (comfortably) and Australia beating England but probably by less than ten points.  I’ll be rooting for England though.

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  1. Edo – both predictions wrong. LOL

  2. Yeah I remember this night. I stayed up for both games. What a shocker.

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