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World Cup 2010: Australia vs Serbia

Well, we’re out of the tournament but we went out in style.

It was pretty shaky start in the first half but the performance in the second showed the world what the Soccerroos are capable of.  The two goals were both fantastic.  It seems a shame that Ghana of all teams go through with Germany.  They’re yet to score a goal in this tournament that wasn’t from a penalty.  Oh well, thats football I guess  :/

Regardless, after that disasterous opening match, its great to see Australia go out with their heads held high.

Major dudes

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  1. Check out Tim Cahill cropping a feel!

  2. Check out Tim Cahill copping a feel!

  3. Australia: teaching the world how to ‘malay-style’ squat.

    Ghana are rubbish.. I was hoping for a late Aussie goal rush.. plus, o red cards! There’s an improvement.

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