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Youtube Friday – Last Week Tonight on Donald Trump


After a winter of laughter and derision, it seems like this week’s Super Tuesday results made plenty of Americans genuinely sit up and absorb a sobering realization.  Donald Trump is almost certainly going to be the Republican nominee for the US Presidential election.  Trump – a boorish demagogue who openly uses racist, sexist and xenophobic rhetoric – is now closer to claiming the most powerful position in the free world than anyone thought possible.

It’s lead to chaos in the GOP party room.  It’s triggered a million think pieces on the Internet wondering aloud how it came to this.  And it prompted comedian John Oliver to finally pull the trigger and dedicate a segment of his show Last Week Tonight on Trump.  It’s became one of the most successful and most enduring critiques of Trump since he announced his candidacy as Oliver attacks his credentials and memorably attempts to discredit his very name by referring to him by his family’s original name ‘Drumpf’.

If there was ever any doubt that John Oliver is the heir apparent to the role that Jon Stewart once played in skewering American political theatre with satire, the popularity and response to this segment should put that to bed.

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