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iPad App of the Week

Okay, so Flipboard, a free RSS reader app which came out recently is pretty freakin’ awesome.  I can easily see something like this becoming of the one most popular apps on the iPad.

Its a program that can connect to your Facebook and Twitter account and convert the links, images and status updates into a magazine style format.  In essence, it creates a continually updating personalized magazine about the people and shit that you care about.  It’s pretty goddamned genius.

Flipboard: a personalized magazine filled with all the shit from your friends' Twitter and FB updates

A sample page taken from my Flipboard magazine earlier today

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  1. shit is awesome. servers were slammed yesterday so it was taking a while updating my feeds but seems to be sorted now. such a pretty pretty app.

  2. Yeah it still seems pretty busted even now. I tried adding Facebook and my TFW Twitter List on there and it kept timing out.

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