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Hi Tim! i didn’t say anything before, so i shall now! good to see you’re doing well buddy! how’s the familly and all?

Edo, glad you liked ghost world. lucky bastard got extra indian dancing clip. that clip made the movie. or at least it set the stage for how great the movie was going to be. hey…did either you or dan see the ‘extra’ scene after the credits where Steve Buschemi kicks the shit out of the corner store ninja guy? funny as fuck.

I saw a Def Leppard movie in the video store the other day,.. you know that band is washed up when they have a movie made of them. erin wouldn’t let me get it. damn. it’s sad. cause they were such a cool band.

anyone seen momento? whatcha think? i thought it was pretty cool. i’m a sucker for movies that don’t make much sense.

Spider Jerusalem, Jeff Ott & Jonathan Uptin

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