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i had a good week.

i managed to score not one, but two copies of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Hardcover for $50. Seeing as they’re selling at around US$100 a piece on ebay this is good. i shall keep one and sell the other. rich shall i be.

I chatted to an old friend of mine on IRC today. I’ve known her since 1996. that’s longer than i’ve known Sam. wow. that’s crazy. it was good to talk to her again.

Dinner tonight was good. Erin and I went to her friend Alex’s birthday dinner. well, it was more like a bbq. but good. chips and susages and steak and garlic bread and. of course. cake. fuck the cake was good. i feel fat now.

actually this week was a good week for comics. aside from those LOEG hardcovers i also got Stray Bullets Vol. 2, Preacher Volumes 5-7, Warren Ellis’ Bad World, Blackheart Billy, The Dark Night Returns, Ultimate Spider-Man Volumes 1 & 2 and Warren Ellis’ Dark Blue. and these are just the Trade Paperbacks i picked up. damn. Must admit i enjoyed each and every one of them. Well, still reading the Batman one, but it’s good so far. edo, i will write column soon. promise!

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