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WWE No Mercy Preview

The WWE Pay Per View No Mercy is on tonight and after a year of John Cena as champ, an unexpected real-life injury thats put him on the shelf for a year means we finally get a new champion tonight.

Since he got injured on the last RAW before the PPV, the company hasn’t had time to actually build up a new feud or do some sort of qualifying battle royale.  So the PPV will be headlined with:

?  vs ?

The big drawcard of course is that one of the ? could be Chris Motherfucking Jericho himself, returning to wrestling after a 2 year absence.  The match is taking place at the same venue he debuted in for WWE back in 1999 when he interupted The Rock.  Please, please, please, let him come back for another title run.

Oh, theres also like six other matches on the card but who gives a shit.  Well, I hope CM Punk successfully retains his ECDub title but thats probably not happening.

One of the matches is listed as a Punjabi Prison match (WTF?)

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