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Teach a man to fish

My New Year’s resolution this year was to accomplish two things: catch my first ever fish and play a full round of golf.  I guess they’re not really traditional resolutions as such.  I just feel that I don’t try enough new things and having a mental checklist helps keep me motivated.

Today, I checked off one of those resolutions.  I went deep sea fishing on a charter boat down at the Gold Coast and caught my first ever fish.  Two of them actually.

I had been fishing once or twice before in my life but it was never for very long and I was never successful at it.  When I was younger, I was way too impatient to be appreciate sitting in the outdoors on a beautiful day, having a couple of beers and enjoying the slow pace of the day.  Today however, it was a lovely respite from the usual grind in the office and I loved every minute of it.

Anyway, here it is for posterity, the 15 foot long marlin that I reeled in after wrestling with it for five hours.  The first fish I’ve ever caught in my life:

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